Next step and how to start using Sigilium email signature on Outlook and Microsoft 365

You just received an ID and a password to connect to our plate-form. 

Now you can start using our service, manage design, add users, create and deploy announcements. 

Next step is to :

1 • Add coworkers 

- you can do it manually on Sigilium: Dashboard > Manage Users > New coworker   

- prepare and send us this excel file filled, to import and create all signatures a centralized way.
- or sync Sigilium to you Active Directory

2 • Deploy Sigilium on Outlook and sync with Microsoft 365

If you want to install Sigilium on Outlook, you just have to connect, download and install our application from Sigilium's platform.  
Sigilium application can be installed per each user on it's desktop, or centrally deployed using a GPO here is how to do it.

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