Use our .msi and create a GPO for Outlook

Thinks to know before deploying the .msi

  • Each user will need to finish the setup of their signature after installation (described here:
  • The old application provided by Sigilium will be automatically deactivated by our new application.
  • Once installed the .msi will automatically be updated when a newer version is released

Prepare the .msi

First download the .msi from here

Place it on a shared folder of your server

Create the GPO

1/ Launch the Group Policy Management editor

2/ Create a GPO on the domain concerned

3/ Give a name to your GPO, leave Source Starter empty.

4/ Edit the GPO you've created.

5/ In the GPO editor, go to User configuration > Policies > Software settings, right click on Software installation and select New > Package.

6/ Select the MSI and then choose Assigned in the dialog box Deploy Software.

7/ Right-click on the package that you've just created and select Properties.

8/ Select the tab Deployment and check the following options:

Update the GPO

1/ Go to Group Policy Management, at the Group Policy Objects level, edit the GPO recently created.

2/ In the Group Policy Management Editor, open User Configuration > Policies > Sofwtare Settings

3/ Right-click on the package and select  All Tasks > Remove

4/ In the dialog Remove Software, select the option Immediately uninstall the software from users and computers.

GPO - Remove Software Dialog

Create a new package to install the update. Their will be no interruption of service for users

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