How to manage template and email signature design on Sigilium

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In this article you'll learn how to:

  • choose or edit an email signature template
  • edit logo, colors or social networks of an organization
  • customise the template code with our HTML editor

1. Choose your email signature template

From Dashboard > Manage design > Edit design, you can choose and preview the signature, among a list of preset templates. Click on the Preview button then Save and deploy. You can choose which organisations are concerned by the design update. 

2. Customise the email signature template or edit your own

Sigilium HTML Editor helps you  customise the code of a template or copy paste your HTML code. It helps you modify (font, size, colors, order of elements, etc...). Take look at the listed variables and turn your initial static html code into a dynamic template of signature!    

3. Change the logo, change colors


Dashboard > Manage design > Edit design

You can directly update logo and colors, then preview the result. Don't forget to validate, if you want to deploy your new logo or colors.

4. Update website, social networks and organization details

update organisation detail from Dashboard > Manage design > Edit

  • website
  • social networks 
  • address
  • internal organization name (to have it clear)  

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