How to prepare a relevant segmentation

Here are some advices to prepare a relevant segmentation, and help you save time in managing users and deploying announcements on email signatures.

An efficient segmentation = one level

To help you save time in deploying announcements (banners), segmentation must be cristal clear.That's why keeping one level of segmentation relevant : a user belongs to one organization. So you have to define what's the best and most relevant segmentation for your company. It can be: 

  • per localisation : Headquarter, Berlin Business Unit, Paris Business Unit, Copenhagen BU ...
  • per job : Administration, Customer Success, Marketing, IT, Support, Sales,
  • per brand : Brand 1 / Brand 2 / Brand 3
  • per country : France / Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / EspaƱa / Italia / USA / South Africa

You can also be more specific, and detail: 

FR Support / FR Sales / FR Marketing / US Sales / US Support / etc.

Goal is to help you dispatch a new announcement or add users instantly, thanks to an obvious segmentation.


notice : when you create a new announcement adn define people who broadcast it, you can select everyone, choose organization per organization, or select specific people inside an organization.

Base segmentation on Active Directory groups

If data of your Active Directory is up to date, we can base segmentation on this data. A call with IT team is requested to prepare this sync, and define data collected for email signature. Please contact our tech team at: +33 1 83 64 02 13.

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