Update from the old Mac plugin

At the end of 2018 Sigilium did develop a whole new Plugin to better manage your email signature.
It is now time to update your old plugin to the new version.

If you have any issue with the update, please reach us by email : contact@sigilium.com and we will assist you

1 Open the old plugin 

Before installing the new plugin, you will need to stop the old one.

In the menu bar, search for the "Sigilium icon" and click "Show the main Window"

2 Verify it is not launching at startup

Verify the first checkbox "Launch at startup" is unchecked 

3 Quit the old plugin

Return in the menubar and choose "Quit Sigilium"

4 Download and install our new plugin

Click on this link to download the new plugin

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us