Allow us to connect to Microsoft 365 Active Directory

To connect to your Azure Active Directory, we will need you to follow those steps and send us the informations needed.

1. Create an Azure AD Application

Go to the Microsoft Azure Portal, and click on Azure Active Directory in the left menu

In App registrations, select New registration and give your application a Name and Supported account type (the first option in the list).

You will then be shown an overview of the newly created app.

2. Manage API permissions for the app

Under the application, select Add a permission and create a new Microsoft Graph Application permission with the Directory.Read.All option.

Then grant admin consent for the newly created permission.

3. Create an application secret

From within the application page, select Certificates and secrets and select New client secret.

Give this new secret a description and set the expiration to "never" and click "Add"

Now copy the new secret by clicking on the copy symbol on the right and store it as it will not be possible to view it later.

4. Send us the application related infos

You now just need to send us the client_secret of this new app as well as its client_id and tenant_id; Thos can both be found in the app overview

The client_id is also named Application ID, It is available here 

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