Next step to use Sigilium email signatures with Google Workspace

You just received an id and a password to connect to our plate-form. 

Now you can start using our service, manage users, create and deploy announcements. Next step is to :

1 • Add coworkers 

- You can do it manually on Sigilium's plateform: 
Dashboard > Manage Users > New coworker  

- Or prepare and send us  this excel file filled, to import and create all signatures a centralized way.

2 • Connect Sigilium with Google Workspace API 

The best and easiest way is to  connect Sigilium from the Market Place of Google Workspace > click on Install button and validate.  
Here are more technical details about scope and rights connecting Sigilium with your API.

☝️Important : After connecting Sigilium to the Google Workspace API, please send us the email of your Google Workspace' admin used to sync Sigilium, in order to activate. 

I send a message to SIGILIUM with our Google admin's email address.

You can also send technical documentation to your CTO.

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