Next step to use Sigilium with Google Worspace GSuite

You just received an access to Sigilium's platform.
These are the next steps to start your trial:

1 • Add users 

- You can add users manually, directly from your dashboard: 
manage users > new user   
- Or download your file of users, using our import module.  
Manage users > Import users, then download, match your data and validate. Here  direct link to import accounts files.

Any question about import ? Just send us and email with your excel file, at : 

2 • Connect Sigilium with Google Workspace (GSuite) API

There are just two "copy-paste" to do. Here is the precise documentation:
How to connect sigilium with Google Workspace (GSuite) API documentation

important : send us a message with the email of the person in charge of the Gsuite account who sync the service. So that we can validate, on Sigilium side.

> Send information to Sigilium

3 • Define your template and prepare segmentation

To design template: 

  • Choose a template among those available or edit the HMTL code using the HTML editor. 
    Preview result and validate to deploy it. 
  • You can also send us an example of what you'd like to use. 

 About segmentation : 

  • If it is prepared into the excel file imported, it will be added.
  • you can also define and create a relevant segmentation on Sigilium (per job, location, country, brand...).
  • We can also base segmentation on groups of your Active Directory.

4 • Create and deploy first announcements

From the dashboard :

  • Create an announcement (text message or banner), preview result and choose users who broadcast it. Notice you can schedule announcement deployment.
  • Then measure visibiity of your announcement.

5 • Schedule and automatically deploy email signatures on Gmail

Before deploying signatures on Gmail, your co-workers wil receive a welcome email, showing their new email signature. They can verify and edit contact details anytime.
At the defined date of deployment, they have nothing to do. Their new email signature will sync and appear on the new email window.

Below an example of welcome email users receive before deployment:

6 • Get more automation

You want to sync users and groups of your Active Directory with Sigilium ? Or generate email signature based on contact details of your AD? Obvisouly this is possible, let's talk about it and prepare this project!

  Contact our team by phone at +33 1 83 64 02 13 or at:

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