How to get a sync email signature on Mail Big Sur


If you're using Sigilium email signatures on Mail, and just updated to BigSur, you'll have to re-sync Mail on your Sigilium's application. 

How to do it:  

1. On the menu bar, Open the application Sigilium, et deactivate then reactivate sync with Mail. A window appears. Click on Start installation. Then follow steps to re-installation. 

sync email signature on Mail Bog Sur messaging servic with Sigilium

2. Two installation steps

- Quit Mail and relaunch
- On Menu:  Settings > General > Manage plugins (at the bottom) > Tick Sigilium and Validate

Step 2 get sync email signatures on Mail BigSur

Congrats, it's done!
You can now benefit from your nice sync email signature on Mail Big Sur!


The Sigilium team

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