Sigilium and Microsoft 365

Sigilium is installed at messaging service's level. So if you're migrating to Office 365, you can keep your the Sigilium's application with Outlook. There is nothing else to do!

You can benefit from 2 advantages with Sigilium on Microsoft 365:

  • centrally deploy sync email signatures on Outlook Web Access.
  • sync Sigilium with your Active Directory

Outlook Web Access

You need to autorise access to a user who can execute these 2 cmdlets. Instructions are available here:

Active Directory

Additionally, you can autorise Sigilium read your Azure Active Directory, this way :

When an account is created on your AD, an email signature can automatically created on Sigilium.  
When an account is deleted on your AD, the email signature can be automatically deleted on Sigilium.

Each company uses Active Directory it's own way. In order to get a relevant concordance of data, we compare and match them with IT teams, before the first import.

Two types of connexions are available:

  • get a single import of data, initially 
  • else, if your Active Directory is up to date with relevant data, get email signature updated each time it is modified on Active Directory.

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